Six Mexican gray wolf pups were born at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the zoo's first in 20 years.

A litter of adorable Mexican gray wolf pups was born on Tuesday, May 8. There are only 114 Mexican gray wolves in the wild and 300 in human care, so the arrival of the six pups at the zoo is a big deal. Their birth also marks the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's first in 20 years. "This is a really big event, not just for our zoo, but it's also massive for the species, and we couldn't be more excited," Rebecca Zwicker, a zookeeper at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, told Fox21News.

mexican gray wolf

Luna | Courtesy of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Luna, a 10-year-old Mexican gray wolf, has displayed "great maternal behavior" and is currently caring for the pups in the wolf exhibit. Luna and her pups are being monitored through a camera in the den. The camera is connected to a monitor so guests at the zoo can check in on the wolves when they stop by the exhibit.

The zoo gave visitors a sneak peek on Facebook of Luna and her pups (above). Zoo officials have yet to give an exact date when Luna and her pups will be out for public viewing, but they are expected to make an appearance in the next month or so. It is also possible, according to a press release by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, that the pups will be released into the wild to help provide genetic diversity once they're older.

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