Proceeds will benefit the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.

The State of Colorado has put together a rather unique fundraiser for a great cause. You can bid on a license plate and the proceeds will go towards the Colorado Disability Funding Committee. However, these aren't your ordinary license plates. These are marijuana-themed license plates.

Yeah. You heard me. Only in Colorado, right?

marijuana-themed license plates

You could win the rights to one of 14 license plates that are all cannabis-related and -themed phrases. The phrases include "BONG," "HASH," and "ISIT420", among others. The latter of which is, at the time of this writing, has a bid of $6,610.

To place a bid and/or view all 14 license plate options, click here.

Bidding ends on 4/20 at 4:20 p.m. (naturally), so if you're interested, place your bid while you still can!

Winning bidders will earn the right to use the configuration of the letters and phrases on a novelty plate. This can be done at a later date if needed. It is important to note that should you win, you still have to pay the registration fees, as well as the personalized plate protection fee and the costs for a potential designer background.

Are you gonna try to snatch up one of these cannabis-themed license plates? Sound off in the comments.