Polis also announced the next "Protect Our Neighbors" phase of COVID-19 restrictions. 

Governor Polis announced Monday that the state will be loosening safer-at-home restrictions to allow more openings and events.

As of Thursday, bars will be allowed to reopen, and by the end of the week, outdoor events like fairs, receptions, and concerts will be allowed. Overnight camps will also be allowed to reopen. Each of these openings will come with strict guidelines and limitations. 

Indoor gatherings like museums or conventions will also be opened by the end of the week. Barbers and spas will be allowed to offer more facial treatments, as well.

This is great news for businesses, but the limitations are very tight. 

While your neighborhood watering hole may be reopening, you still won't be able to belly up to the bar with your whole crew. Bars are only allowed to operate at 25 percent of capacity, or up to 50 people. They can expand outdoors. 

Of course, wearing a mask is still recommended and may be required at certain businesses.

"We cannot yield to this virus. Our ongoing vigilance is what will allow us to stay a few steps ahead of the virus in Colorado," said Polis. "We can not let the good news of the summer give us a false sense of security. Because as we look to the fall, things are going to get more challenging."

You can watch Governor Polis's entire press conference on the recent updates here:

During the press conference, Polis also announced the next phase of loosening restrictions that will take over when the "Safer at Home" orders expire, called "Protect Our Neighbors."

"A lot of areas are ready to go beyond further. Our challenge is to manage the spread of coronavirus while also making sure our economy can grow and we have the Colorado we love," he said as he was discussing the next phase. 

Under the Protect our Neighbors phase, communities that can prove they have the virus under control (and can quickly address an outbreak, if it should happen) can get more variances to open even further. That means they would be granted permission to open gatherings of 50 percent of normal capacity, and even more, as the phase continues. 

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