The 3-year-old dog was found with its ears cut off.

A Friend of Jack Rescue in Denver, Colorado, has recently taken in a 3-year-old cattle dog mix, and his story is heartbreaking. Named Evander, he was found in a rural area of Kansas with his ears cut off.

"I was crying without seeing the video and said yes immediately (to fostering him). How do you say no when they’ve been through that?” said Yvonne Hall, Evander’s foster dog parent, in a statement.

The rescue organization found the dog and he was rushed into surgery. And now, he's available for adoption.


ADOPTABLE ♥️ Meet Evander. In Roman mythology, Evander means “good man" or "strong man", a name that fits perfectly for...

Posted by A Friend of Jack Rescue on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Nobody knows who did this to Evander, or why, but he is still able to hear, says Allison Rifkin, with A Friend of Jack Rescue. "He can hear almost perfectly. He’s not deaf. He just looks a little different," she said.

According to A Friend of Jack Rescue, Evander "thriving" and is super cuddly as any other dog.

"This dog is incredible. He’s the most affectionate dog I think I’ve ever met, especially with what he’s been through. We’ve heard humans say we don’t deserve them. We don’t. To have gone through that and still be like this, I think it’s an inspiration to us all," Rifkin said.

If you’d like to adopt Evander, contact A Friend of Jack Rescue.

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