Paul Cary had spent over 30 years as a firefighter and paramedic for the Aurora Fire Department.

A paramedic from Colorado has died from coronavirus after volunteering to help battle the pandemic in New York City, at its epicenter, his family announced Thursday.

Paul Cary, 66, worked at the Aurora Fire Department as a firefighter and paramedic for more than 30 years before volunteering with Ambulnz—a private transportation company—to fight the pandemic in New York City.

"He will be remembered as an EMS provider who gave his all to care for others," the Aurora Fire Department said.

Cary's family wrote in a statement:

"We were devastated to learn that our father and grandfather, Paul Cary, became the latest victim to die of COVID-19. Our family grieves his loss, and knows that all his friends and family will miss him greatly.

 Accepting Paul’s commitment to serving others in need, we respected his choice to volunteer to be part of Ambulnz’s response team to the COVID-19 crisis in New York City. He risked his own health and safety to protect others and left this world a better place. We are at peace knowing that Paul did what he loved and what he believed in, right up until the very end."

Cary is survived by two sons and four grandchildren.

His family has requested privacy as they grieve the loss of a courageous man. Funeral details are not yet available.

Knowing the risks, Cary signed up to fight the virus in New York after Ambulnz requested volunteers to transport patients. Ambulnz manager Rick Diemert said, "If you knew Paul, he was extremely devoted to his work and very excited about going. In fact, before he got sick he was anticipating doing a second deployment in NYC."

Cary made the "ultimate sacrifice for his country," the company said.

If you'd like to help provide college tuition for Cary's grandchildren, Ambulnz is taking donations in his memory. Please email Ari Matityahu for details at [email protected].

Our deepest condolences and sympathies go out to Paul Cary's family and friends.