Buck got caught in a sports net in a Manitou Springs park.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officers were recently called to a Manitou Springs park to help a deer that had been caught in a sports net. The buck was "frantically thrashing" around trying to free itself, eventually ripping the net off the posts and dragging the goalposts during its efforts. 

It took several minutes, but the officers were eventually able to subdue the animal and remove the net. 

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence as wildlife has been known to get caught in nets, hanging lights, hammocks, swings, and much more. CPW is asking Coloradans to be particularly careful during the holidays with lights and other hanging decorations. 

“Please be a good neighbor to our wildlife friends,” CPW tweeted. “Holiday lights don’t look so pretty wrapped around the eyes, mouth, and antlers of deer.”

In addition to having your property destroyed, deer and other wildlife will often fight the entanglement, putting themselves at risk of death. If they happen to drag something and get snagged until they can't move, they are almost certain to die unless someone intervenes, and unfortunately, there aren't always wildlife officials in the area. It's always best to remove all netting and other hanging items that can cause problems.

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