Officials warn not to plant or open these unsolicited packages. 

Residents of Colorado have reported receiving mysterious packages of seeds in the mail in recent weeks. These seeds are unsolicited and show up under the appearance of being jewelry.

Inside the packages, which are coming in every size, shape, and color, are bags or aluminum pouches with seeds in them. They come with Chinese characters written on them, and sometimes, the words “China Post” have been stamped on the outside.

And this isn't just happening in Colorado; reports are coming in from several states where residents are receiving the same seeds. In fact, the seeds have been reported in at least 28 states, at the time of this writing. Officials in these states have issued warnings and guidance about opening the packages or doing anything with the seeds. There is a possibility these seeds could be harmful, possibly those of invasive plants, which can invite in disease to local flora and can poison livestock.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has asked people who receive packages of the seeds not to open or plant them, to save all the original packaging, and to contact them right away. Please email the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Plant Industry Division at, or call 303-548-5333. They also ask people who receive the seeds not to throw them away, as possible invasive species they could grow in landfills or other places after being discarded. 

The United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is also looking onto the matter of the mysterious seeds. They are working with the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection and different State departments of agriculture "to prevent the unlawful entry of prohibited seeds and protect U.S. agriculture from invasive pests and noxious weeds."

Officials are not sure where they have come from, other than the packaging that seems to originate from China’s state-owned postal company. There has been some investigation into whether these seed packages are related to a “brushing” scam, where someone sends unsolicited products to consumers to up product ratings and seller reviews. 

As of this writing, there has not been a definitive agreement on what the seeds are and where they are coming from.

Have you or anyone you know received the mystery seeds? Share your experiences and any pictures of the seeds you can with us in the comments.