Large gatherings are out. So enjoying the hot air balloons from your yard is in!

This summer has been weird, to say the least. But it has also opened the flood gates of innovation, with events looking at different ways to bring entertainment and fun in a responsible way. Colorado Springs is doing just that with its annual Labor Day Lift-Off hot air balloon fest. The event, which has a 43-year tradition, will look a little different this year to address coronavirus concerns, and the changes will bring balloons closer to your own home. 

In prior years, thousands of people would flock to Memorial Park on Labor Day weekend to watch balloons take to the skies. This year, however, fans can enjoy 35 to 50 balloons that will launch from around 15 different areas around the city. 

The launches are scheduled for September 5 and 6, and the locations where the balloons will alight from is being kept secret to avoid drawing crowds. Instead, people are encouraged to watch the early morning skyline for balloons as they hover over the city. 

In addition, there may also be some pop-up balloon glows on September 4 and 5. Where the state is in restrictions at that time will determine whether people will be able to view them in-person or just drive by. 

“The Colorado Springs community will be able to experience early morning balloon launches while balloons fill the city skyline, launching from numerous locations around town,” said Hot Apple Productions (event organizer) Managing Member, Scott Appelman, “Additionally, we will have a pop-up Balloon Glow, weather permitting. Locations to be determined for the upcoming Labor Day weekend." 

The Labor Day Lift-Off will be one of very few balloon events that will take place in the world this year. It will look different not being held at Memorial Park, and events like the donut-eating contest will not be held; however, the important part is to keep the tradition alive and still bring the beautiful balloons to the community. 

“I am happy to see this beloved event continue to make a positive impact during this difficult time,” said Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift-Off Founder, Dewey Reinhard, in a statement.

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