Prepare yourselves: Winter is coming.

A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for a majority of Colorado, including the Denver metro area and the northeastern plains, with blizzard-like conditions on the horizon for Wednesday.

jon snow GIF

The storm is predicted to hit Denver and the Front Range on Tuesday night with heavy rainfall, then that rain will eventually turn into snow in the late morning/early afternoon on Wednesday. Roughly four to eight inches of snow is expected for the metro area. However, the eastern plains will receive the brunt of the storm, with snow accumulations estimated to be five to 10 inches with winds gusts up to 65 mph. Some areas may even end up with over a foot of snowfall.

The storm should then track northeastward to the northern plains Wednesday night into Thursday.

Basically, it's gonna be a big one, and we should all be prepared. We've got some tips on what you should do if your car gets stuck in the snow, as well as some boozy drink recipes that'll help you keep the chill away.

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