One area in Colorado has received over 31 inches of snow so far!

This winter storm is behaving almost exactly as planned. There are numerous reports of over a foot of snow, interstates have shut down due to blizzard conditions, and hundreds of flights at Denver International Airport (DEN) have been canceled.


Snow totals have ranged from a few inches to nearly three feet in some areas, and more snow will accumulate before the end of the day. Our biggest snowfall total that we've seen thus far is from Pinewood Springs, which is close to Estes Park. They have received over 31" of snow! And in that particular area, I wouldn't be shocked if they got another foot of snow ...

In Denver, up to 10" of snow has been reported, while areas in and around Boulder have picked up between 12-18" of snow.


There are more than 20 road closures across Northeast Colorado this Tuesday morning. Most notably, I-70 from Airpark road to the Kansas Border, I-76 from Lochbuie to Sterling, and US 36 in between Lyons and Estes Park. All of these roads, plus the ones not mentioned, have no estimated time of reopening.

I-70 is closed Westbound at mile marker 239 (near Idaho Springs) due to rocks in the road. Expect long-term closures with this delay. Upwards of an 8-10 hour closure is possible. It's suggested that you use an alternate route to go west.

Travel is still NOT ADVISED through much of the day on Tuesday due to more accumulating snow and windy conditions. 


DEN is operating on a very delayed schedule, as hundreds of flights were canceled ahead of the storm. If you're flying out of DEN, you need to check ahead. There's a good chance that your flight is delayed or canceled.


There's still plenty of snow to come before we finally see this storm move out. The possibility of another half of a foot of snow could fall in Denver, and even more than that is expected from Boulder to Fort Collins. Winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories, and blizzard warnings continue through this afternoon and evening. Blizzard warnings are in place because there are heavy snow and strong winds that are reducing visibility for more than a three-hour timeframe. All of the aforementioned details are what qualifies a blizzard warning to be issued.

Ultimately, travel is awful. Please DO NOT travel if you do not have to.

Again, additional accumulating snow will happen through the afternoon. The addition of a lot more snow will ensure that this storm is making its mark in the history books. Take a look at the additional snow to expect. 

Cities like Boulder, Loveland, and Fort Collins could see enough snow to rank this storm as one of the top snow producing storms in history. Even Denver may find itself in the top rankings for the storm, but only time will tell.

For now, hunker down. Enjoy the snow, and if you must go outβ€”just be sure to have what you need in case you get stuck or stranded somewhere. You really don't want to drive in this because, while the snowflakes don't look that impressive, there are A LOT of them coming down at times. That can add up quickly and rapidly change driving conditions in real-time. With that said, have an emergency kit handy and make sure you've told others where you are going and when you'll be back. Never hurts to cover your back for the "oh, crap" moment.

How are you faring in all of this snow? Sound off in the comments below.