Maryland's peak fall foliage season will occur around October 12.

The colorful fall foliage we all know and love will be delayed in Maryland this year due to the warmer September temperatures. While leaves may begin to change colors as early as next week, peak season is expected to arrive around October 12 and be at its most vibrant until October 26. 

The Weather Channel is predicting that much of the nation will be experiencing above-average temperatures through mid-to-late September, so gorgeous fall foliage will be delayed for most of the DMV as well. 

Before you throw a fit, we do have good news: Because of the conditions and the delay, the fall foliage will appear even more vibrant when it does finally arrive, barring any usually heavy rain or strong winds. We can live with that, right? Just think, your neighborhood will look like this: 

Courtesy of Giphy

The higher, more elevated parts of Maryland are already experiencing some fall colors

There is no specific and completely accurate way to predict when fall will arrive, however, Smoky Mountain National Park has created a Fall Foliage Prediction Map that is foretelling when the expected arrival times will be. You can see the interactive map, here!

Fall Foliage Map

Screenshot Courtesy of Smoky Mountain

According to the map, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia will be getting patchy to partial fall foliage around October 12 and reach peak season through October 26. Let's cross our fingers that the heat dissipates soon. Fall officially begins on Monday!

Are you ready for fall foliage? Have you seen any fall colors in your area? Do you still have high temperatures? Tell us in the comments!