Testing began at Paco Sanchez Park and Montbello Rec Center this week as the city discontinues its large-scale testing operation at the Pepsi Center.

The City and County of Denver launched its community-based COVID-19 testing program on October 1 with testing sites at Paco Sanchez Park near the intersection of Interstate-70 and Federal Blvd and Montbello Recreation Center near Chambers Rd. and 53rd Ave.

Denver had been offering a large-scale COVID-19 testing center at the Pepsi Center starting in May. The city began scaling back the operation last month in anticipation of moving to a more localized, community-based plan for testing. The Pepsi Center testing site closed September 30.

The community test sites are operated in partnership with Denver Public Health and several community organizations. Tests are free and results are available within 3-5 business days. People who wish to be tested can fill out a registration form online on the city's website. The form provides information, including that the test consists of a swab at the front of the nose, and asks several questions about symptoms.

Paco Sanchez Park will continue to be a site for testing throughout October, with 29 testing days scheduled there throughout the month. Other testing sites include the Montbello Rec Center; Green Valley Ranch Community Pool; Abraham Lincoln High School; Montbello High School; the Center for African American Health; Denver Indian Center; Re:Vision; Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy & Research, Organization; and Denver Human Services.

Test locations are subject to change, and new locations are being added, so check the city's website for up-to-date information before heading to a testing site.