Hunters are urged to log in early to learn more about the hunting opportunities. 

As of now, hunters can log into their account on the new Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Hunt Site Reservation System and learn more about the 21 properties that require hunting reservations. Reservations will open on August 18. 

The CPW is urging early log-in to ensure hunters are familiar with how the system works prior to reservation day. 

"Although reservations will not be available until August 18, 2019, hunters should visit the new online system beginning today to make sure they can log in to their account and are familiar with the online system. CPW is encouraging the online reservation system option for hunters hoping to quickly secure a popular location," says the CPW. 

A majority of the 21 available properties primarily offer small game and waterfowl.

Hunting reservations can be made online or by phone starting at 12 a.m. on the morning of August 18, 2019. Hunters must make reservations for all properties that require them—either online or through the new reservation phone number: 1-(800)-244-5613. Hunt site reservations will continue to be free at participating locations. Please note that reservations will now be available a true 14 days in advance and will no longer be impacted by holidays.

Be prepared to make online reservations by having the below on hand (provided by CPW).

  • Your CID number (Customer Identification Number) that is on your hunting license. 
  • You must already possess the current year hunting license for the kind of reservation you are making. 

  • A list of properties and areas you are interested in reserving.

  • Check the water conditions report. 

  • WaterfowlMigratory birdDeerDates
    Carefully read the regulation of your property to understand what is or isn’t allowable on a property. For example, some properties are limited to migratory bird hunting only—pheasants and pigeons do not fall under the definition of migratory birds. Some properties allow deer hunting any day but limit waterfowl days. Please check your regulations to make sure you are in compliance.

For more information regarding the 2019 Hunt Site Reservation system, participating sites, and more, please CPW's Hunting Reservations Page.

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