You have until August 15 to leave your input on new state parks and services. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is assessing the possibility of creating new state parks, and it wants to know what you think. 

The state's 41 state parks provide open space, recreation, and much more, and they are popular. In fact, the growing demand has caused some areas to have long lines of cars waiting to enter and other issues related to crowding. Because of this, as well as the passing of the Future Generations Act, CPW is exploring opportunities to open new state parks.

Here is where you come in ...

CPW wants to hear about what you'd like to see in terms of state parks. Are there ways you could better access parks? Are there services you wish parks offered? Your ideas and input are welcome. 

"As CPW considers possible new properties, we want to hear from the public about what characteristics and qualities they would like to experience at future state parks," said Dan Prenzlow, director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "Our vision is that Colorado’s state parks connect people to natural wonders. Every state park should offer a unique place to experience Colorado and live life outside."

The draft criteria, listed below, offer broad characteristics to evaluate properties in order to ensure they achieve this vision. 

  • Outstanding nature-based recreation
  • Natural resource value and conservation 
  • Meets Colorado’s needs
  • Relevance and community value
  • Financial sustainability

For a more detailed description of each of these proposed criteria and an opportunity to provide comments, go to CPW’s website at The public comment period is open until Thursday, August 15, 2019. Governor Polis’ support for increasing access for all people is helping to drive conversations around the state of what and where future parks could be.

CPW will consider comments, revise criteria, and present a final version to the Parks and Wildlife Commission and public in September 2019.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.