The public will be able to make appointments as early as February 9, 2021.

Just days after the Biden Administration announced it would authorize direct shipments of COVID-19 vaccines to pharmacies, CVS Health announced it will offer vaccine clinics in 18 of its stores in Maryland. In an effort to get citizens vaccinated faster, the federal government will ship vaccines directly to pharmacies instead of only shipping them to state governments for disbursement. The first batch of vaccines will be available at 18 CVS Pharmacies beginning February 11. Patients must meet the state criteria to make an appointment and receive a vaccine.

CVS Health locations in the following towns and cities are slated to receive COVID-19 vaccinations:

  • Baltimore
  • Bowie
  • Chester
  • Frederick
  • Fulton
  • Hagerstown
  • Ocean City
  • Rockville

Initially, 18 stores in these cities will share approximately 11,000 doses. Officials are hopeful supplies will increase as manufacturing ramps up. Maryland is one of 11 states participating in the new program that includes more than 300 pharmacies across the nation.

vaccination clinic at CVS Health
Courtesy CVS Health

Currently, residents can only get vaccines through community clinics, healthcare groups, and at Walmart and Giant retail pharmacies. On January 26, Governor Larry Hogan announced he would expand the pharmacy network and open six mass vaccination sites throughout the state. State health officials are also allowing severely immunocompromised patients to get vaccines through hospital-based providers. Mass vaccination sites at the Baltimore Convention Center and Six Flags America will open on February 5. Both sites will operate on an appointment-only basis.

If you are eligible for a COVID vaccine and want to find a CVS nearby to make an appointment, go to Appointments for eligible patients can be scheduled as soon as February 9, 2021. Patients can also use the CVS Pharmacy app or call (800) 746-7287 to make appointments.

Are you planning on getting the COVID vaccination? If so, which location is most convenient. Share in the comments.