A day after DMV-area coronavirus fatalities surpassed 500, local authorities are extending their shutdown orders.

In the wake of the continuing coronavirus outbreak, Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser has announced an extension of the District's public health emergency and related restrictions through May 15. This includes school closures, nonessential business closures, and the ban on gatherings of 10 or more people.

Likewise, on April 15, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced that the shutdown for nonessential businesses will also be extended two weeks, until May 8, while the stay-at-home order remains in effect through June 10. Nonessential businesses include hair and nail salons, movie theaters, and more. The shutdown of those businesses was originally set to expire next week.

“I know this has been a frustrating time for all of us,” Northam said. “I want everyone to know that the sacrifices that you have made have been necessary and they are helping. They are slowing the spread; they are giving us time to plan and prepare."

For more information on D.C. restrictions and requirements, click here. For more information on Virginia restrictions and requirements, click here.

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