Just because school is out doesn't mean free school meals aren't available in D.C. 

In partnership with the USDA's Summer Food Program, nutritious meals will be served throughout the city to any school-aged children in need at various area schools.

The participating sites listed below will serve breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday to any child aged 18 and under. Breakfast will be served from 8 to 9:30 a.m., and lunch will be served from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Aiton Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
Amidon Bowen Elementary School (June 17–July 26)
Anacostia High School (June 24–August 2)
Ballou High School (June 20–August 9)
Bancroft Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
Banneker High School (June 24–July 26)
Beers Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
Boone Elementary School (June 24–August 9)
Brent Elementary School (June 17–July 26)
Brightwood Education Campus (June 24–July 26)
Brookland Middle School (June 17–July 29)

Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan (June 26–July 26)
Cardozo High School (June 24–July 26)
Columbia Heights Education Campus (June 24–July 26)
Cleveland Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
Deal Middle School (June 17–August 5)
Dunbar High School (June 24–July 26)
Eastern High School (June 24–July 26)
Garrison Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
H.D. Cooke Elementary School (June 17–August 2)
Jefferson Middle School (July 15–July 26)
J.O. Wilson Elementary School (June 17–August 2)
Kelly Miller Middle School (June 24–July 29)
Ketcham Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
Langley Elementary School (June 17–August 9)


Leckie Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
MacFarland Middle School (June 24–July 26)
Marie Reed Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
McKinley Tech High School (June 24–July 26)
Miner Elementary School (June 17–July 26)
Moten Elementary School (June 17–July 26)
Nalle Elementary School (June 17–August 9)
Payne Elementary School (June 24–July 29)
Peabody Elementary School (June 17–August 2)
Phelps High School (June 24–August 2)
Plummer Elementary School (June 24–July 26)
River Terrace Education Campus (July 1–July 26)

Ron Brown High School (June 24–August 7)
Savoy Elementary School (June 18–July 27)
Seaton Elementary School (June 17–July 26)
Simon Elementary School (June 17–July 26)
Sousa Middle School (June 24–July 26)
Stuart Hobson Middle School (June 24–July 26)
School Without Walls @ Goding (June 17–August 9)
Truesdell Education Campus (June 24–July 26)
Washington Metropolitan High School (June 24–August 2)
Watkins Elementary School (June 17–July 26)
Wheatley Education Campus (June 24–July 26)
Wilson High School (June 24–July 26)
Woodson High School (June 24–August 2)

Free meals will be served on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as supplies last. If your community school is not on the list, call (866) 348-6479 or try the USDA Summer Meal Site Finder to find a location near you.

For more information about the free summer meals offered in D.C., visit the DC Public Schools website.

**All of the photos in this article are courtesy of the USDA.