Share your thoughts in a survey by Monday, November 2.

Two transit stops in Virginia and Maryland are being considered for a name change, and the D.C. Metro wants your feedback!

According to a press release, the two jurisdictions submitted formal requests to change the names for two stops in Fairfax County, Virginia, and Prince George's County, Maryland. In Virginia, they requested the Tyson's Corner Station be changed to simply "Tyson's Station" while Prince George's County's Metro Board is proposing "Hyattsville Crossing" to replace Prince George's Plaza Station.

Metro emphasizes the nearby stop "West Hyattsville Station" would remain the same and is not to be confused with "Hyattsville Crossing." Before being implemented, the proposals will be vetted by the Metro Board of Directors, who can approve or reject them.

The areas proposing these changes are obligated by a 2012 policy to produce updated materials reflecting the new names, among them reprinting maps and creating new public signage. The policy also requires proposed names to include the following features:

  • Contain at least 19 characters, or 13 for transfer stops
  • Include identifying information, i.e. geographical location
  • Possess vivid language

The Metro welcomes everyone to share their thoughts on these proposals by taking a survey. Responses can be submitted through November 2 by 5 p.m. You can complete it here.

What do you think of the proposed name changes? Will you be participating in the survey? Sound off in the comments!