Heavy rain, flooding, and road closures plagued the morning commute.

Heavy rains hit areas of Maryland, D.C., and Virginia on Monday, flooding roads, stranding motorists, and halting Amtrak service. The rainstorm hit in the middle of the morning commute, dumping between three and six inches of rain from Frederick County, Maryland, down through Virginia. Cell phones buzzed with flash flood warnings as drivers faced flooded streets and closed freeways.

The City of Frederick in Maryland was one of the first to be hit by the storm. About six inches of rain fell, overwhelming the Carroll Creek and turning scenic Baker Park into a mini Niagara Falls. In downtown Baltimore, the Inner Harbor turned red from the runoff of a nearby water main break. Flooding caused delays and closures for Amtrak, Marc, and CSX train routes. In Montgomery County, flooding caused several large sinkholes and closed the inner loop of the Beltway at the American Legion Bridge.

In D.C., several streets were closed due to flooding and Metro riders experienced delays. Water gushed through the ceiling of Virginia Square station, and the elevator in the Pentagon station was turned into a shower. Commuters encountered single tracking, delays, and train cars filled with several inches of water.

On Canal Road, D.C. Fire and EMS rescued motorists from the roofs of their cars while others swam to safety. Not even the White House was spared, with water flooding the press room in the basement. 

Roads in Northern Virginia were flooded as well, with more than 25 roads closed due to downed trees. The I-66 looked like a freeway turned into a rushing rapids water ride, and parking garages in downtown Arlington were almost completely submerged. The storm also caused power outages in Virginia, with 10,000 homes intermittently losing power. Flash flood warnings were extended twice, with flooding and road closures extending into the evening commute.

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