The donations will go towards medical and food costs for the animals.

Eight animal welfare organizations, including the Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL), banded together to rescue over 100 dogs and puppies from what appears to be a breeding operation in Costilla County. The rescue happened in mid-June, and the Dumb Friends League is now asking for your help.

When rescued, in cooperation with the Costilla County Sheriff's Office, many of the dogs were sick and unsocialized, as well as housed in awful conditions in the sun without adequate access to water. Complaints said that the animals were not given enough food, often resulting in fighting among the animals. The dogs were found in kennels that were too small and filthy with urine and feces.

Several of the dogs had litters of pups with them, with a total of 36 newborn puppies found. Two dead puppies were also found on the property. The animals were often sold online. 

The breeder, Kenneth Hershey, is facing possible felony animal abuse charges. Unfortunately, this is not the first time he has been brought up on animal abuse charges. He also a history of animal neglect charges dating back to 1983, and currently has an open case of 32 counts of animal neglect in Oregon, and part of his bond restricts him from having contact with animals. It was Oregon Humane Society officials that sparked the investigation into the Colorado operation, which Hershey was running on a friend's property. 

While several different breeds were recovered, a majority of the animals were heelers. 

DDFL took 46 of the dogs, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region Pueblo region is taking care of several, and the other shelters are also helping out.

According to the DDFL, many of the dogs have required medical care. The organization is asking for your help in providing donations for medical and food costs at this time. Due to the ongoing court case, the dogs and puppies likely won't be immediately available for adoption, but eventually, you might have a chance to provide one with a loving home. 

You can donate to animals on the DDFL on its website