The contactless tool was introduced on Monday and will be implemented over the new few weeks.

Denver's Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) recently announced a new payment option for the parking meters throughout Denver. You'll no longer have to run out to the meter with your spare change or credit card. The new PayByPhone app will allow you to pay the parking meter without having to approach the meter itself.

"Denver is excited to introduce this technology to improve how the city manages parking," said Eulois Cleckley, DOTI executive director, in a statement. "Not only will the new mobile payment system make it easier for people to pay for parking while supporting adjacent businesses, it’s a contact-free option during these times of COVID-19."

The app will even send you a text message when the time is about to expire. And if you want to extend your time, simply do it through the app!

Please note that posted times on the meters will continue to be enforced, and PayByPhone stickers and overhead signs are there to let the public know if the app is available at that spot. The app also doesn't activate the blinking green light on the meter, but enforcement agents will be able to see that you've paid through your license plate number, states DOTI.

To make a payment, open the app and enter the location code on the parking meter sticker or signage, and voila!

You can download the PayByPhone app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.