After nearly 60 years, the market building will officially close on March 31.

The last year has been tough on everyone, especially local businesses struggling to stay afloat. The Denver Diner closed its doors after 30 years in business. Now, another well-known establishment is shuttering: the Denver Mart. 

The building sent a letter to vendors and staff last week announcing their closure, citing COVID-19 as the main factor in the decision. The Denver Mart lost revenue and tenants because of the pandemic. They told vendors that they couldn't recover the losses or sustain the business for much longer. 

Capacity limits were another factor the Denver Mart cited as the reason for closing permanently. Under current restrictions, the capacity limits were too low to stay open and earn revenue. 

While it's a lot of gloom and doom, the letter gave vendors and staff some hope for the future. The Denver Mart owners hope to open a new market at a different location. 

The wholesale market has been in business since 1965. The building offered more than 275,000 square feet of space, where top events, conferences, trade shows, and more took place. Once it closes, the mart's current owners believe the building will be demolished by the summer. 

You can still visit the Denver Mart before it officially closes on March 31. The Rocky Mountain Gift Show, one of its top trade shows, will be open February 24 through 28. Find more information here

The Denver Mart has been a city establishment for nearly 60 years. How do you feel about its closure? Let us know in the comments.