Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora rank in WalletHub's top 10 healthiest cities in America.  

When it comes to health, the most critical factors are nutrition and activity level. But did you know that location matters, too? According to WalletHub's 2021 list of the country's healthiest and unhealthiest cities, access to nutritious foods, recreational facilities, clean parks, and affordable healthcare play an essential factor in human health. 

Lucky for us, Denver ranks as the 10th healthiest city in the United States. 

To determine the top cities for good health, WalletHub compared 182 of the most populated cities in the U.S. across 44 indicators, including healthcare access, food options, fitness, and green space availability. WalletHub also considered each city's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, looking at safety enforcements and vaccine distribution. 

Each factor contributed to a total score. Here's how Denver performed in the top four areas, with a total score of 58.71: 

  • Healthcare: 55/182
  • Food: 15/182
  • Fitness: 6/182
  • Green Space: 12/182

Looking at those numbers, experts decided that Denver's healthcare was adequate. Residents have excellent access to food and lots of green space for activities. But Denver's best category was fitness. According to WalletHub's study, Denver has numerous gyms and many with affordable access.

While Denver certainly excelled, San Francisco took the top spot, claiming number one in the food and green space factors as well. Colorado Springs and Aurora also made a list, earning 54th and 55th, respectively. 

What makes Denver your top 10 city to live in? Let us know in the comments.