Like many traditions this year, it'll look a little different. 

Neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country are canceling trick-or-treating this year, to the dismay of many children looking for free candy and a reason to dress up in their best costumes. While the CDC has discouraged trick-or-treating this year because of the pandemic, things look good for Denver.

The city's Department of Public Health offers recommendations rather than outright banning the beloved Halloween tradition. On their "Halloween in Denver: What You Need to Know" release, they provide the following tips:

Practice a Six-Foot Distance

Don't trick-or-treat with anyone outside your household, and keep at least a six-foot distance from anyone outside your group. According to the release, close encounters for long periods increases the risk of coronavirus transmission. As you visit more houses, the greater chance of spreading germs. If you or a family member is immunocompromised, the Denver Department of Public Health recommends you stay home and avoid visitors.

Bring Hand Sanitizer and Use It Often

Bring plenty of hand sanitizer, and clean your hands between every few houses. When you get home for the night, wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. If you're handing out candy, use hand sanitizer between every group or interaction. If you have time, wash your hands (and use lots of lotion!). 

Hand Out Candy Safely

The Denver Department of Public Health deemed distributing candy a low-risk activity. Still, you can help keep trick-or-treaters safe and healthy with a few practices. Don't use a big bowl of candy where tiny hands will reach in and grab pieces. Consider putting out a table with treats spread out to minimize contact. Before and after the night, clean your doorbell, ringer, and anything else you or another might touch. 

Wear a Mask

Everyone trick-or-treating or handing out treats should wear a mask—and not just a costume mask! A proper cloth or surgical mask that covers your nose and mouth is ideal. It may be hard to breathe with a mask underneath a costume mask, so consider finding a costume where you don't have to wear anything over your head. 

Host Safe Parties

If you're hosting a Halloween party, the Department of Public Health recommends it be outside and kept to no more than 10 people. Everyone should wear masks and stay at least six feet apart at all times. Consider setting up chairs and tables in a way that they're physically distant, but you can still socialize. Don't share food or offer a buffet; prepare single serving or prepackaged foods. Don't forget the hand sanitizer! 

Read up on the Denver Department of Public Health's full recommendations here

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