Local woman leads socially distant Zumba class outside for her neighbors—even the Amazon delivery man got in on the fun!

In Denver, people have started dancing in the streets to get their daily dose of cardio, and it's thanks to one woman who decided to take her Zumba routine outside.

Holly Porterfield, a trained instructor and longtime student of dance, had never taught a class herself, but after a little encouragement from a friend, she decided to start a class for the neighborhood to get moving. And thus, socially distant Zumba was born. 

Porterfield happens to live in the same neighborhood as local reporter Emily Allen, who shared this awesome video on her Twitter feed.  

The video above has since gone viral and been shared all over the internet. Not only do people really love the idea and the response, but they love that the Amazon delivery man joined in! 

Porterfield is not on social media herself but has heard of the buzz her socially distant class Zumba has generated and loves that she is inspiring people to get moving. She even got to do an interview and class demonstration for the local news after the first video took off.

This is another great example of how people are still finding ways to connect with each other despite being kept apart. Though the pandemic is stressful for all of us, it's stories like this—simple ways people are working to make the world better—that keeps us going. 

What do you think about all this dancing in the streets? Would you be joining in if this was in your neighborhood? Sound off in the comments!