The Denver Zoo's two-toed sloth power couple has been reunited in a brand new enclosure.

The Denver Zoo's two-toed sloths, Elliot and Charlotte, recently moved into new digs.

Elliot and Charlotte are Linne's two-toed sloths, a species native to South America. The pair had been temporarily living separately after the birth of their baby, Wookiee, in 2019. Wookiee has already become one of the zoo's most beloved Ambassador Animals.

But the zoo did not have space for a growing sloth brood, so it separated the lovebirds until it could create adequate space for the family. The zoo reported that Elliot had been enjoying his man cave in the feline exhibit, while Charlotte embraced her atrium in the flamingo flock's winter quarters.

Now, the family has finally been reunited in a new exhibit in the zoo's Tropical Discovery area near the California Sea Lion habitat. The exhibit features high skylit ceilings, with lots of natural sunlight and a 22-foot sloth tree with leafy branches. Visitors can walk along a path that loops through the exhibit and search for the lovable creatures high in the treetops.

Visitors are likely to observe the sloths sleeping during visits to the zoo, as they are nocturnal.

Charlotte is 25 years old and Elliot is 29. Elliot has been at the zoo since 1996, and Charlotte was brought to the zoo in 2015 in hopes that she'd be a good match for Elliot. In 2018, the pair had their first baby, Ruth. Wookiee, who was named via a contest that raised more than $10,000 for conservation efforts, followed a year later. He celebrated his second birthday in April.

Wookiee will remain with the rest of the Ambassador Animal team.

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