Kazi had joined the herd at the Denver Zoo back in September.

The Denver Zoo had to bid goodbye to one of its own recently. Kazi, a 2-year-old male reticulated giraffe, died on Tuesday, October 22, after "complications following a routine medical procedure."

Officials at the zoo announced the news via social media:


We’re deeply saddened to share that Kazi (Kah-zee), one of our 2-year-old male reticulated giraffes, died yesterday due to complications following a routine medical procedure. Kazi was undergoing castration, which is a common practice in zoos to decrease male giraffes’ competitive, aggressive nature, and allow multiple non-breeding males to peacefully coexist. We intended to castrate Kazi—just as we had done with Dobby—to help ensure that the pair would be able to live together and be strong social companions for many years to come. According to our Animal Health team, the surgical procedure went well and was successfully completed. However, Kazi developed abnormal breathing as he was recovering from anesthesia and then stopped breathing altogether. The veterinary medical staff on-hand took immediate action and did everything in their power to resuscitate Kazi, including reintubating him and performing CPR, but to no avail. Kazi arrived to Denver Zoo from Milwaukee Zoo in September to be a social companion for Dobby, and quickly settled in to his new home, bonding with both his Animal Care team and the other giraffes in the herd. He was best described as a laid back, social animal who loved to engage with guests. Although his time at the Zoo was far too short, Kazi touched the many guests, staff members and volunteers who were lucky enough to be in his 10-foot-tall presence.

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According to officials, the surgical procedure—a routine castration, which is common and done to decrease competitiveness and aggression amongst males—"went well and was successfully completed", however, complications arose after the young giraffe had difficulties breathing after anesthesia. Staff quickly intervened, attempting to resuscitate Kazi through reintubating him and performing CPR, but to no avail. He later died.

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Kazi had joined the giraffe herd in September after leaving the Milwaukee Zoo, with the intent of having Kazi become a "social companion" for Dobby. "We expect Dobby and Kazi to become fast friends and manage all sorts of mischief together in the giraffe habitat," zoo officials stated when Kazi first arrived in Denver last month.

He was described by staff members as "laid back" and "social".

This news comes after the passing of another one of the Denver Zoo's giraffes, Masika, earlier this year.