The city's first shared bike-sharing system will end operations on January 30.

Denver Bike Sharing (DBS), the non-profit owner and operator of Denver B-Cycle, announced its decision and plans to end the bike-sharing program at the beginning of next year.

The decision comes as part of a potential transition that may result in a new product in collaboration with a new vendor partner.

"We are faced with an aging system that needs to be replaced, and upgrading our current product is not financially viable," said Mike Pletsch, Executive Director of DBS, in a press release on November, 21.

Pletsch also noted that the shared industry has changed significantly over the past few years, creating numerous challenges that make a bike-sharing system unsustainable.

Since April 2010, Denver B-cycle provided an accessible transportation alternative for tourists and Denver residents. As it often happens, when a new service is introduced, competition quickly sprouted, leading to the decline of the bike-sharing business.

The DBS Board of Directors voted on the future of Denver B-Cycle and decided it was time to move on with new technology. "It's time to look again for the latest in bikeshare innovation," added Pletsch.

In the meantime, current holders of the 5820 pass can still use the Denver B-Cycle bikes until January 30. The 5280 Free Rides Program provided residents with unlimited free rides of 60 minutes or less for the calendar year of 2019. However, an additional month, January 2020, will be added to the active passes.

Denver Bike Sharing is a charitable, non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for an alternative, sustainable transportation in the form of a bike-sharing system in Denver. For more information, visit

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