It's time for a tea party!

The iconic Brown Palace, a Denver landmark since 1892, is now welcoming guests back to its room, restaurants, and tea service. 

Back in early April, the hotel closed its doors for the safety of guests and employees due to COVID-19 concerns. Travel restrictions all but decimated bookings in late March and early April, also contributing to the hotel's decision to shut down. The Brown Palace, Denver's longest continuously operating hotel, held out longer than most hotel's in the city, but it eventually had to give in. A handful of employees remained on site, and renovations occurred while guests were away, but several hundred employees were affected by the closing.  

The hotel has welcomed movie stars, presidents, The Beatles, and even the champion steer at the Stock Show for many years. However, the closing was the first time in the hotel's 128-year history that it didn't welcome guests to its rooms. All other operations, including the on-site restaurants, spa, and the popular tea service, were also suspended.

All that changed as of June 10. Guests were expected to check back into the historic and luxurious rooms mid-day. In addition, restaurants were open to serve. The popular spa treatments and tea service resumed, as well.

To meet CDC and state health guidelines, all employees have been trained in new sanitation guidelines, and social distancing protocols will be in place for all activities. 

While this is great news for Denver and the Brown Palace, it could take months for the hotel to get up and fully running, and while some employees will return to their posts, many are still on layoff status. 

If you want to support the staff and iconic business, you can book a room for a Denver vacation, grab a meal at the restaurants, enjoy a spa treatment, or partake in a tea service surrounded by the history of Colorado. Check out more info at