The airport's West Garage is scheduled to reopen Thursday after closing briefly for hardware and software upgrades.

Denver International Airport plans to activate the first phase of its upgraded public parking system Thursday. The airport had planned to activate the enhanced system Tuesday in its West Garage lot but announced Monday evening that work would be extended until Thursday.

The airport said the upgrades, including new hardware and software, should provide an improved parking experience for travelers. 

The West Garage, which was closed November 7 to incoming vehicles while the system was implemented, is scheduled to reopen Thursday morning at 4 a.m. Travelers who were parked in the West Garage prior to the closure can exit the garage through a cashier payment lane. New vehicles coming into the West Garage starting Thursday will experience the upgraded system, said DIA.

The upgrades include a new interface when pulling a ticket to enter airport parking lots and garages, as well as when paying to exit lots. Contactless payments such as tap to pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay will be available immediately in the West Garage. Future phases of the upgrade will include an Express Park program and an enhanced reservation process.

Construction is underway to implement these upgrades at all entry and exit lanes. The upgrades are expected to be completed by the end of 2021 with the exception of the lot at 61st and Pena Blvd.

The airport noted that its shuttle parking lots, valet parking, and the East Economy lot are all closed due to low passenger traffic volumes.