The memorial is 28 feet wide by 6 feet long and consists of 7,000 dog tags arranged in the shape of an American flag. 

The Veterans Athletes United VAU Fallen Heroes Memorial is headed to the Pentagon in October for the "Army 10-Miler" event, and it will be quite the sight to see! The memorial depicts the American Flag draped over a fallen soldier's coffin to honor the fallen heroes and their gold star families.  

The metal flag consists of 7,000 dog tags colored red, silver, and blue and features 50 gold stars to symbolize the gold star families nationwide. Fixated in front of the memorial is a hand-sculpted battlefield by veteran artist Alicia Dietz. 

The memorial is intended to bring awareness to the sacrifices that the servicemen and servicewomen and their gold star families made during the War on Terror. It has traveled all over the eastern United States, including stops in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia.  

American Flag side

Each dog tag consists of a soldier's first and last name, the date they died, and the base they were stationed at. 

American Flag Close up

This memorial is a patriotic representation that going to war is no easy task. A soldier is choosing to risk his or her life to protect their country, and this memorial captures that loyalty perfectly. 

The Tampa Convention shared their gratitude for having the memorial currently on display:

We salute all the servicewomen and men who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

**All photos courtesy of Veteran Athletes United VAU Fallen Heroes Memorial

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