The snakes have been entering the apartment since early June.

An Aurora apartment complex has had some very unwanted visitors recently following building renovations.

According to reports, a tenant at the complex has had at least 25 snakes invade her home through a hole in the wall. Charlotte Moore said that the snakes have been getting in since early June when balconies were moved, creating an entryway for the slithering creatures.

"We noticed the smell was really bad and that's when we started seeing the snakes," Moore told FOX31.

Moore wants to be able to move and get out of her lease with the complex.

"To me, snake is Satan and I don't deal with him, you feel me?" she said.

A representative from the apartment's corporate office said that the hole has now been repaired in the unit. A statement has also been issued, saying:

"The safety and comfort of our tenants is our highest priority. We take any presence of snakes very seriously and have worked with our professional pest control provider, who has assured us the issue has been adequately resolved. In addition to working with pest control, we have offered to accommodate Ms. Moore by relocating her to another unit or by releasing her from her lease with the return of her deposit. Ms. Moore chose to decline our offers and remain in the unit as the situation was addressed and ultimately resolved."

The state's law of habitability says that landlords must provide a space that's clean, safe, and does not pose any health risks.

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