A BetterMed Urgent Care center in Fredericksburg is offering a safe and convenient testing experience, no doctor's order required.

Long lines, supply shortages, and extensive wait times have defined the reporting around coronavirus testing, with many unable to receive a test at all. But an urgent care center in Virginia is defying odds with its quick turnaround on test results and accessibility.

BetterMed Urgent Care has transformed five of its Virginia facilities into curbside testing sites for COVID-19. With four in Richmond and one in Fredericksburg, the latter location, in particular, has people flocking from all over Northern Virginia due to its eased restrictions.

For one, citizens do not need a doctor's order to receive a test, and anyone who desires a test is welcome to get one. Whether you're a high-risk individual or have possibly been exposed to the virus, the goal is to test as many people as possible.

The process is simple: Those who want a test can schedule an appointment online, where they will be asked to answer a few questions assessing their symptoms, travel history, and other health-related information. Upon arrival, healthcare professionals will complete an exam and take the swab for testing. Patients will then receive their test results within three to five days.

bettermed urgent care

Courtesy of BetterMed Urgent Care's Facebook

COVID-19 has swept rapidly through the DMV, with over 6,400 cases confirmed regionally. As of April 6, the state of Virginia has 2,878 confirmed cases and 54 deaths, and with the numbers rising exponentially, the need for testing is critical. The next step for the urgent care center is to test healthcare personnel on a walk-up basis without needing an appointment, along with increasing the number of people tested per day. Virginia has tested over 24,000 people so far, and we hope that number just keeps going up!

Testing sites are open every day with varying hours depending on the location. For those who need assistance unrelated to COVID-19, the company urges visiting another location. If you would like to get tested, information on COVID-19 testing, their hours of operation, and more can be found on their website.

What do you think of this recent development? Do you think testing will increase like this in other parts of the U.S.? Let's hear your thoughts in the comment section.