Drivers, beware: Speed demons are roaming the roads!

If you've ventured out in the last two months, chances are you've noticed a disturbing new trend out on the road. News outlets are reporting on a spike in excessive speeding and other reckless driving behaviors.

With many people staying home as a COVID-19 precautionary measure, area roadways are remarkably light on local traffic. We're talking "6 a.m. on Christmas morning" light, in case you need a visual. Law enforcement officers are seeing increased speeding as a result, with some drivers getting up to over 100 miles per hour.

Because of the reduced volume of vehicles, work zones remain in place and paving projects remain ongoing. Some municipalities are even increasing road improvement work due to the lighter traffic. Now is not the time to ignore posted construction speed zones.

All of the transportation authorities are hitting the public hard with public service announcements, clever messages on overhead signage, and tweets aimed at getting people to slow down.

Regardless of the time of day, speeding is happening on both major roads and local streets. I saw this firsthand the other day on the Inner Loop of the Beltway. Even going about 65 miles per hour in the far right lane, people were passing me like I was standing still. COVID-19 didn't magically turn 495 into a NASCAR track, people, so stop driving like it did!

How do the roads look where you are? Have you noticed a big increase in excessive speeding in your area? Sound off in the comments!