The restaurant had trouble negotiating a lease.

Sad news for D.C.'s Chinatown: Fado Irish Pub is closing its doors after 22 years in business.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the restaurant regretfully announced its decision to close for good after struggling to negotiate a lease. For two years they made lease agreements on a quarterly basis, but their efforts to secure a longterm plan did not come to fruition. They also emphasized their shuttering was unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Like many others in D.C., the reason for our closing is 'progress,'" the Facebook post says. "We have negotiated quarterly extensions to our lease for the past two years, while trying to negotiate a long-term agreement. And, after years of trying, we have been unable to do so. There will be many restaurants that will not reopen after the current closures. Ironically, ours is not about COVID-19, we just could not renew our lease."


The restaurant closed on March 16 after Muriel Bowser's citywide order which closed restaurants to dine-in services. Since then, they recreated the pub atmosphere from a distance with virtual happy hours on their Instagram account.

Fado Irish Pub was a cornerstone of D.C.'s 7th Street since 1998, beloved for its fish and chips and Irish coffee. Fado, which translates to "long ago" from Gaelic, prided itself on offering a modern twist to the traditional pub experience. They were a favorite hang-out spot for happy hour and trivia night as well as for their bottomless selection of draught beers.

They acknowledged the time had come for closing, regarding their 22-year duration as a fact in itself to be proud of. They also credited their hardworking staff and loyal customers for the success they've enjoyed over the years.


"Now, we are at the end of the road. Fadó, was a place that was a part of so many lives. From work colleagues that became lifelong friends to guests who became some of our best mates. Over the years Fado was a second home and a brotherhood and a sisterhood for so many. It was the crossroads from which we will now continue, remembering the good times and some of the bad."

While the Chinatown spot will be no more, the pub continues to serve customers in locations around the country including Annapolis, Chicago, and Denver.

**All photos courtesy of Fado Irish Pub

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