Are you registered for a vaccine in Fairfax County? This handy new tool lets you check your status, and more!

If you qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine in Virginia, Fairfax County just made it easier to track your status. On Friday, the health department introduced a new dashboard that relays information on vaccine roll-out and wait-list status. Among the tool's features are weekly roundups of vaccinations by the county and doses received by the state health department, along with total vaccinations countywide and statewide. These tools apply to the Fairfax Health District, which is comprised of the county and city of Fairfax, Falls Church, Vienna, Clifton, and Herndon.

To check your status, simply enter your first and last name, and your email address. Currently, the state is contacting those registered on Monday, January 18 to schedule their appointments for the vaccine, which is about a month's wait from sign-up. Residents over 65 years of age and high-risk individuals are eligible for the vaccine at this time.

According to the data, the level of doses received and vaccines administered appears to match up at an equal rate: between the week of February 8 and 14, 13,650 doses and 16,000 vaccinations were recorded in Fairfax County. Right now there are over 104,000 people on the waitlist, out of the 226,000 total registered. Over 109,000 people in Fairfax County have been vaccinated.

Additionally, the Commonwealth has launched a new pre-registration system. Instead of registering with local health departments, citizens will have their information entered into a statewide waiting list. Don't worry if you've already registered locally—you'll be moved to the new portal, and your sign-up status will be preserved. However, this new development does not apply to the Fairfax Health District, which will continue using the old system as before.

Due to the high volume of sign-ups, officials warn it could take a while to hear back since the vaccine's availability can fluctuate. Thankfully, the county will be offering weekly email updates so everyone on the waiting list can stay in the loop. In the meantime, you can find out more here.

What do you think of Fairfax County's efforts in tracking COVID-19? Do you find the new tools easy to use? Let us know in the comments.