Brace yourselves, Colorado.

The Farmers' Almanac has released its predictions/forecast for Winter 2021–2022, and things are looking chilly for Colorado this season.

According to the almanac, Colorado should expect "a season of flip-flop conditions with notable polar coaster swings in temperatures."

Come January, a "possible blizzard is predicted for the Northern Plains and Rockies near the end of the third week of January," added the Farmers' Almanac. "The Northern Plains and Rockies will also experience Old Man Winter’s wrath with stormy weather culminating to a possible blizzard later in the month."

farmers' almanac
Courtesy of the Farmers' Almanac

The average first date of snow in Denver is October 18. The earliest recorded snowfall in Denver was September 3, 1961.

So, how accurate is the Farmers' Almanac? Using a hush-hush astronomical and mathematical formula that "relies on sunspot activity, tidal actions, planetary position, and many other factors," it's been fairly spot-on for the last several years.

The Farmers' Almanac has been predicting the weather since 1819.

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