The food bank, along with its volunteers, partners, and donors, met a greater need in 2020.

The last year has created quite a bit of financial hardship for individuals and families across our community and nation. Unemployment is up, and while savings and stimulus checks are helpful, they're not enough to cover the gap in many cases. That's where the Food Bank of the Rockies comes in. They provide food throughout the region and through a number of partnerships.

While the food pantry has been operating for more than 40 years, this is the first year as the Food Bank of the Rockies Presiden & CEO for Erin Pulling. She is thankful to continue learning from community members, staff, partners, and volunteers while successfully navigating a year with such increased need. Under her leadership, the food bank provided 150,000 meals every day, "including the 690 food pantries we serve, which are distributing food and essentials throughout metro Denver, northern Colorado, and Wyoming."

"With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing food insecurity across Colorado and Wyoming, Food Bank of the Rockies said it distributed 43% more food last year than in 2019 when 71.5 million pounds were distributed."

The Food Bank of the Rockies has countless stories of providing hope and encouragement to those right here in Colorado. Melody and her husband are struggling to make ends meet, and the products from the "food pantry helps them keep the lights on and the rent paid." Colin and his wife have three young children. The food they receive from the food pantry helps make the income from his job care for their family of five.

"We’ve seen an entirely new level of demand for food in our communities,” said Erin Pulling, Food Bank of the Rockies President & CEO. “We’re serving many people who have lost their jobs and are facing food insecurity for the first time. More than 30% of the people we’re serving report never needing food assistance before this. And families and individuals who were already vulnerable have found themselves in dire need.”

The need is still great as we enter into 2021. Food Bank of the Rockies is continuing its great service to Colorado. Due to COVID-19 parameters, the food bank is currently not able to accept individual food donations. You can help in big ways by giving money, or volunteering

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