The woman, who has now been identified as Melody Mellon, has been arrested.

A dog taken from a 7-Eleven in Longmont after its owner suffered a fatal seizure has been found, and the woman who stole him has been taken into police custody.

Melody Mellon, 30, was arrested this morning just before 5 a.m. She was apprehended in a stolen pickup truck, which belonged to her ex-boyfriend's mother and had been reported missing on Wednesday afternoon. The stolen dog was found inside the truck by Deputy Chief Jeff Satur of the Longmont Police Department.

According to police, Mellon was found passed out inside the stolen truck and when confronted by officers, she proceeded to lie about her identity. However, through the use of a criminal background system, she was later identified. Mellon has run into some trouble with the law in the past and has outstanding warrants on a traffic charge and a dangerous drugs charge.

The police report that Mellon kicked two officers as she was being placed into the patrol car. Once medically cleared at a hospital, Mellon was taken to the Boulder County jail where she "intentionally urinated and spit inside the patrol vehicle."

In addition to the outstanding warrants, Mellon faces investigation on charges of auto theft, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest. As for the theft of the dog, Mellon was given a municipal summons of theft of $100 or more.

The dog was reunited with the family of the man who died on Wednesday afternoon.

This is an on-going story and updates will be added as more information is released.