Meet Greg: He's a little medieval, a little modern, and really mouthy.

If you were recently traveling out of DIA, you may have noticed something a little on the bizarre side last week, which fit right in with the airport's strange art scene. The Great Hall was recently home to a talking gargoyle who popped up on Jan. 17 and was gone just as fast. Maybe he had a plane to catch.

The gargoyle, named Greg, animatedly chatted with curious travelers and had some interesting thoughts about the other players at the heart of DIA’s conspiracy theories.

Greg also took aim at DIA's most famous piece of art, everyone's favorite blue beast, Blucifer. Even though the demon horse of Denver has his own video game, the gargoyle is not impressed. 

Greg appeared to have his own entourage of A/V crew and others recording his traveler talks, so it appears that Greg is getting his much-sought-after 'street cred.' And, then, he was gone as fast as he appeared, leaving us only the two permanent gargoyles in the baggage claim area to theorize about, for now. DIA said that Greg will be making his presence more known in the future. 

Whether he was just a fantastic diversion from the long security lines, a marketing ploy, or a piece of the DIA conspiracy theory puzzle, no doubt he gave people something new to see in the Great Hall.

Did you see Greg at DIA? Why do you think he was there in the Great Hall on Wednesday? And does anyone think he sounds an awful lot like Will Ferrell (one can only hope)? Let us know in the comments.