Who needs oceans when you've got beautiful mountain lakes to paddle.

New York Times recently tasked several of its writers to pick their favorite beaches across the nation, and Colorado's own Grand Lake made the final list! The publication wanted to know about those special waterways that have a reputation for fun, relaxation, and memory making.

"We chose 25 wildly different destinations around the country — from the comically perfect shore of the Florida Panhandle to Iowan lakeside Americana to the finicky coast of the Pacific Northwest — and asked writers who love them to explain their charms," said New York Times

This is not the first time Grand Lake has hit the top of travel destination suggestions. This spring, TripAdvisor named it as one of the best mountain lake towns in North America.

The New York Times included the lake because of its activities and location. As tourists crowd Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake offers similar views but without the sheer amount of people. 

"For those looking for a quieter mountain escape — and a beach — there is Grand Lake. Located next to the southwest corner of the park, at more than 8,000 feet above sea level, the town sits on a large, deep lake surrounded by the Rockies," said the report.  

Courtesy of Grand Lake, CO (Facebook)

Courtesy of Grand Lake, CO (Facebook)

Activities of note include paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking. And overall, the area is just the epitome of what many visitors want to see in Colorado. It's the laidback mountain life that keeps people coming back for more. Sure, Colorado has got some of the most spectacular, and at times glamorous, mountain ski towns. But, part of the true charm of Colorado is in the mountain communities, the surrounding wilderness and truly getting back to nature (crystal clear, frigid water, and all).

"This is not Aspen. Expect Birkenstocks and cowboy boots — and wet suits. The water can be icy."

Do you visit Grand Lake often? What are some of your favorite things to do at the lake and surrounding areas? Let us know in the comments.