The hackers are asking for a ransom.

Virginia's most extensive school system, Fairfax County Public School (FCPS), has been hacked. The hackers are now asking for ransom to stop disclosing the personal information.

According to WRC-TV in Washington, the internet hacking group Maze posted some of the stolen data online as proof of the hack. The data include a few students' grade reports, disciplinary records, and other personal information.

The school system has confirmed the hacking, but the amount of stolen data is not disclosed yet, and employees of FCPS were not informed about the hack. The school system is already working with law enforcement to investigate the breach in the network.

"We have retained leading security experts to help us investigate the matter and recover from the situation. We also are coordinating our efforts with law enforcement authorities," FCPS said in a statement to News4.

"There are a selection of documents that have been posted to prove that the attack took place," informed Cybersecurity expert Brett Callow. "This is the digital equivalent of a kidnapper sending a pinky finger."

Callow also explained this type of hacking is known as Ransomware, where the hackers threaten to disclose more data unless paid money.

For parents, such a leak of data may not be concerning, but the personal data of school staff (SSN, salary details) can be exposed to a great extent. Hackers will be able to keep steaking data from the network until they are located.

With the schools operating virtually, students and staff are working online, giving an easy entry point to the hackers to gain access to the network. FCPS is hoping to resolve the issue soon, while keeping its employees' sensitive data safe.

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