Aurora preschooler needs "superhero surgery" to help him continue to walk on his own.

A little superhero in Aurora needs a little help from his sidekicks. Four-year-old Luciano was diagnosed with spastic diplegia in 2018, a form of cerebral palsy that twists knees and ankles inward, stiffening the legs, and making walking difficult. The lifelong condition has been progressing as he grows.

Friends and family of the little one are trying their best to raise money for a set of surgeries that will help Luciano stay on his feet.

"He's in pain due to the stiffness and formation of his legs that gets worse as time goes on," says the Help Luciano YouTube page. "Luciano needs Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery in order to stop the progression of the disease. This is a life-changing procedure that will not only stop the progression of the disease but it will also keep him out of a wheelchair."

According to Luciano's mother, Mercedes Ramirez-Comenero, a specialist in Missouri has approved the two operations needed to keep him walking on his own. The cost totals $50,000, and unfortunately, the family's insurance does not cover the cost of the out-of-state surgeries. 

Luciano's supporters have started a GoFundMe campaign to help offset the costs and be a superhero for this little boy. So far, the page has raised over $17,000 in donations and a website has been launched where you can buy t-shirts to help the family raise the needed funds. 

"We are selling T-shirts and hoodies as a way to raise funds to help cut the cost of the surgery. For every item sold, proceeds will be used to pay the hospital directly, the website says. "Please help us improve Lucci’s chances of being the Super Hero we know he is!"

You can be this little superhero's faithful sidekick and donate on the GoFundMe page. Learn more about Luciano's journey by watching the video below! 

Courtesy of YouTube. 

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