You have until August 8 at midnight to submit your votes! 

Hooray! A new baby chimpanzee was born at the Maryland Zoo on July 5, and we get to have a part in naming her! Because they couldn't decide on a name, zoo personnel are enlisting the help of the public – how lucky are we?? 

The unnamed chimp was born to first-time mother Bunny, 29. While she and Mom were kept in seclusion for the first two weeks, they are now living in the indoor portion of the larger Chimpanzee Forest habitat, being slowly and gradually introduced to the rest of the 13-member chimpanzee clan.

Zoo staff are keeping an eye on the duo from afar in order to allow Bunny and her little one ample time to bond. But her weight is estimated to be about three pounds!

Look how adorable:

Baby Chimpanzee

How to Vote

It's simple! You submit your vote here on Maryland Zoo's website. They have narrowed it down to four names: 

  • Kit 
  • Lola
  • Afia (pronounced ah-fee-ah)
  • Zalika (pronounced zah-leek-ah)

There's good reason for each name on the list. Find out why each of them is significant by visiting their website!

The public has until August 8 at midnight to place their votes! We favor the names Afia or Zalika because they are unique and beautiful, however, Lola and Kit are just adorable! 

See this video of the pair:

Courtesy of Maryland Zoo

**All photos courtesy of The Maryland Zoo

Have you gone to see the new baby chimp at the zoo? What is your favorite name? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!