Volunteers needed to build a new bear sanctuary in southeastern Colorado.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) runs a property near Broomfield, Colorado, called The Refuge, which is a 9,684-acre property – one of the largest carnivore sanctuaries the entire world. This refuge is dedicated to giving abused and neglected large carnivorous animals a safe place to live freely, and in peace from human’s presence.

The Refuge takes in animals that have suffered severe neglect or abuse and puts great effort into restoring the animals back to health, and then giving them a place to live out the rest of their lives in a healthy and protected environment. The Refuge is not open to the public, so this volunteer opportunity is really quite exciting, as it's a chance to see natural lands that few have ever been allowed on and a chance to help the wildlife.

This project is being run in partnership by Rescue Rebuild, a self-described Habitat for Humanity non-profit for animals, usually dedicated to building shelters for stray cats and dogs. The two organizations are working together to build a 300-acre bear enclosure at The Refuge that will be able to accommodate up to 200 bears.

About 10 volunteers are needed to work any time between June 13-25. Those selected will need to provide their own transportation to the site near Broomfield, a tent, and appropriate gear to camp out; showers and food will be provided by Rescue Rebuild.

Sounds like the perfect outdoor adventure for any animal lover, and a great way to get some volunteer hours on the books. Email Zac Baker, director of Rescue Rebuild, at zachbaker@greatergood.org to see what opportunities are open for volunteers.

Check out this video from The Refuge to learn a little more about what they do.

Did you know about The Wild Animal Sanctuary and The Refuge in Colorado? Are there any other wildlife rescue organizations here in Colorado that you can share with us in the comments? All of us here in Colorado love our wildlife and want to do what we can to preserve their habitats and health.