Believe it or not, two tropical system remnants will directly affect Colorado weather this week. Here's what to expect. 

From hail to mudslides, Colorado has seen its fair share of crazy weather events. And while the state hasn't seen any hurricanes directly overhead (and likely never will), two tropical system remnants will directly affect the skies and temperatures this week. 

The first system affecting Colorado is Hurricane Ida, which pounded southeastern Louisiana with flooding, storm surge, and extreme winds. While Hurricane Ida's remnants won't pass over Colorado, pressure changes, as a result, will affect the state. The strong area of low pressure produced by Ida needs to be balanced out, so a strong area of high pressure needs to occur. Of course, that high pressure will move over the western United States this week. 

The high pressure has already raised the temperature this week, with near-record highs across the eastern part of the state. 

The second system impacting Colorado is Hurricane Nora, which moved up Baja California and is making its way through the west as remnants of a tropical system. The moisture is getting picked up in the region's annual monsoon, meaning we'll be seeing more rainfall this week, particularly in the central and western parts of the state. 

The biggest concern from Nora's remnants is for I-70 at Glenwood Canyon, which shut down several times this summer for flooding and mudslides. Will the system wreak havoc on the area again? Only time will tell. 

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