Here's how school districts across the state are handling the pandemic as we move into the fall.

If you're a parent, teacher, or student in Colorado, chances are you're confused as to what this upcoming school year is going to look like. With many schools being forced to close earlier this past school year and start the remote learning process, it has left many wondering if this online mode of schooling will be in place this fall. And, in some cases, it will be. However, school districts throughout the state have made plans for a variety of in-person, remote, and hybrid options for their students.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has recently issued a new guidance for schools says that should there be just one confirmed case of coronavirus, the entire school will close for 14 days.

So, in order to keep you informed on what districts are implementing for the 2020 school year, we've compiled a list of the plans for schools in Colorado below.

*This list of school districts in Colorado is not extensive and may have some districts missing. It will be updated as more information is released. If you see a missing district, please email us at [email protected]!

Colorado School Districts' Plans for 2020 School Year:

*In alphabetical order.

27J Schools

The 27J Schools' learning plan is broken down by grade levels (i.e., preschool, elementary, middle schools, etc.) and offers two options for students—in-person learning and online-only instruction. The two options are as follows:

  • For in-person learning, elementary school students can attend classes four days a week; middle school students can attend classes every other day, and high school students can attend classes one day per week. Middle and high school students can participate in online-learning on the days they do not attend classes in person.
  • For remote learning, all students will have class four days a week.

The plan is for schools in 27J to open the week of August 18, with the first day of students engaging full-time to take place on September 1. Orientation days will occur with the students and teachers during the first two weeks of school, allowing them to prepare for both in-person and online-only learning.

To get more in-depth information on 27J Schools' plans, click here.

Aurora Public Schools

Students in grades 1-12 will begin on August 18, while preschoolers and kindergarteners will start on August 24.

For the first quarter of the school year, Aurora Public Schools will be completely online and remote. The first quarter ends on October 8 and the second starts on October 12, however, it has not yet been confirmed if students will return to in-person classes by then. That has yet to be determined.

For more information on Aurora Public Schools' plan for the upcoming school year, click here.

Boulder Valley School District

Boulder Valley will be operating under a hybrid of in-person and online classes. This is part of the third phase of its five-phase plan to reopen, and the district may switch between the other phases if data supports it. On Mondays, all grades will attend online/remote classes, during which the buildings will be cleaned; for the rest of the week, students will be split into A and B groups, where they will switch off between in-person and online classes.

Learn more about Boulder Valley School District's Reintroduction Plan on its website.

Cherry Creek School District

Per its website, the Cherry Creek School District is offering a variety of options for its students. With blended in-person learning for grades 6-12, full in-person learning for Prek-5, and remote learning—which could happen at any point in the school year.

Read the full plan for Cherry Creek School District here.

Denver Public Schools

Classes are set to begin on August 24, with remote learning taking place for the first quarter. Then, Denver Public Schools plans on "gradually" moving back to in-person classes, with families having the option to remain online only.

Teachers will return to schools on August 10 for a week of training, before using the week of August 17 to connect with students and develop a remote learning plan.

To view the full plan for Denver Public Schools, click here.

Douglas County School District

A hybrid plan of both in-person and online learning has been planned for the Douglas County School District. Throughout the week of August 17, students will participate in an orientation where only 20 percent of students attend school each day. School begins on August 24. 

The district will be releasing more information on its finalized plan in the coming weeks. Stay up-to-date here.

Englewood Schools

The first day of school is set to take place on August 27, with both in-person and online options being available. Students who return to in-person classes will be asked to partake in daily wellness checks (including but not limited to temperature checks), wear masks, and follow social distancing guidelines.

More information on Englewood Schools' plan for the upcoming school year can be found here.

Greeley-Evans School District

The plan for the Greeley-Evans School District is to reopen for in-person learning. However, if families would prefer to continue online learning, that option is available for them.

Students in grades 1-12 will start on August 17, while kindergarten students will begin two days later, on August 19.

For more information on the Greeley-Evans School District's plan, click here.

Jeffco School District

From August 24 through September 4, the Jeffco School District will remain online only. Then, on September 8, the plan is to open elementary schools to in-person learning, with the online option being available for those who prefer/need it. Middle and high schools with open with a hybrid schedule through A and B groups that switch between in-person and online learning.

Click here for the latest on Jeffco's plans.

Littleton School District

Originally, classes were set to begin on August 13, but that has since been pushed back to August 24, says the superintendent. With an option of both in-person and remote learning being available for its students, there may be particular times of the year that in-person learning will become the main option.

There are still many details that have yet to be released, but you can stay up-to-date here.

Poudre School District

The first day of school is now August 24 for all grades, a one-week push from the original start date of August 17. Poudre School District could have a mixture of remote, remote with limited in-person learning, both in-person and online learning, or fully in-person. This will shift throughout the year.

For more updated information, click here.

Westminster Public Schools

Westminster Public Schools is offering its students to enroll in the K-12 Virtual Academy while also reopening schools for in-person classes five days a week. The hope is to be as "close to normal" as possible. Of course, safety procedures and regulations will be in place for in-person students and staff.

Learn more about the plan here.

Are there any school districts in Colorado that we missed on our list? How do these impact you as a parent, teacher, or student? Leave a comment below.