You can help these beautiful creatures! The nonprofit is in need of adopters, donations, and volunteers. 

The last few months of 2020 found many horse owners unable to afford the upkeep of their beloved horses. In these cases, nonprofit horse rescues like The Next Step Horse Rescue (Ellicott, Colorado) literally saved lives. The Next Step Horse Rescue is overcapacity with 40 rescue horses on-site and even more horses on a waitlist.

“We have had a huge increase in horses being surrendered that’s what is hitting us,” Frederick Banks, the Volunteer Coordinator with Next Step Horse Rescue, said.

FOX31 interviewed staff at The Next Step Horse Rescue. According to that interview, horse rescue organizations intervene and save horses from abuse and neglect. Rescues also provide a safe and caring resource to connect a horse owner with an adopter.

With the pandemic of 2020, nonprofit organizations have not been able to hold fundraising events they have depended upon in the past. An increased number of horses and a decreased amount of donations is a tough combination.

“They deserve the same chance as any other animal. It’s important to us because these horses didn’t ask for this,” Banks said.

Ways You Can Help

  • Share this story via social media. Help raise awareness of the need for adopters, donations, and volunteers.
  • Adopt a horse. No, really! Fulfill your dream of owning your own horse. The Next Step Horse Rescue outlines the process and posts available horses online.
  • Donate money. Every little bit helps to cover the feeding, care, and adoption expenses
  • Volunteer your time. With an increased number of horses to care for, rescues need your help. Contact the rescue directly for volunteer positions.

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