Moving north at 8 mph, Hurricane Dorian stands to bring wind gusts of up to 55-65 mph inland—and much more.

Overnight, Dorian strengthened to a Cat 3 hurricane moving north at 8 mph. It is expected to pummel its way through Hampton Roads on Thursday night and continue throughout the day on Friday. Dorian will bring wind gusts of up to 55-65 mph inland, flash floods with 6-10 inches and up to 15 inches in stronger downpours, high surf, beach erosion, rapid south-side water rise, power outages, and now, tornado risks.

Tropical Storm warnings and a state of emergency have been set for the seven cities, and officials are urging you to take this storm seriously! A life-threatening storm surge is in effect for Hampton Roads, the Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds, the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers, and up to Poquoson! 

Thursday will have overcast skies, small winds, and humidity. The weather is expected to pick up starting late Thursday night beginning with the strong winds. The time to gear up for this storm is now. Here are five apps you should download on your phone ahead of time.

“We’re still going to feel the impacts, strong tropical storm- to hurricane-force winds, lots of rain and major flooding around Friday’s high tide,” Jeff Orrock said. “Friday is going to be a very bad day.”

Hurricane Dorian's Path

Screenshot courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

Stock up on bread, canned goods, packaged snacks, fresh fruits, candles, matches, flashlights, and plenty of water while you have the time. Weather experts are urging you to take this storm seriously. Check out our full list of advice and recommendations here.

No evacuations have been urged at this time, however, several local businesses, government buildings, and public school systems have declared cancellations, including Tidewater Community College, Norfolk State University, Old Dominion University, all public schools for the seven cities, and more—See the full list of cancellations here!

In order to keep updated with the status of Dorian's threat to Hampton Roads, you can keep track of the storm on the Norfolk alert system and keep track of your flood zone here!

Have you prepared for Dorian's impacts yet? Have you called out of work? Do you expect flood damages to your home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!