This year's first week back to work for many saw new traffic patterns due to heightened security measures at military installations across the DMV.

Whether you're a civilian heading to work or just heading to the commissary, be prepared for traffic delays and gate changes. 

Drivers were reporting significantly long lines at Quantico and Fort Belvoir yesterday, and it looks like they are continuing this morning as well.

WTOP is reporting that the Quantico traffic is backing up all the way to I-95 and 610.

The Fort Belvoir Facebook page has been updated to include a pinned post about the potential traffic:

Fort Belvoir is conducting 100 percent ID card checks. Passengers without a valid DoD CAC, military retiree ID card, DoD family member ID, or Fort Belvoir visitors pass will undergo additional security checks.

Quantico has also released a statement.

Regardless of where they are getting off along the highway, commuters along I-95 in Virginia are seeing major effects from the new gate procedures.

Maryland commuters aren't getting out of this unscathed either; Bethesda travelers have to deal with gate restrictions and security delays as well.

In D.C., the Navy Yard is limiting its access points.

Bottom line, if your route takes you near a military installation or military hospital, be aware that they are updating their access points to include 100 percent ID checks and that delays are inevitable. Try to avoid secondary routes near larger installations if you can. Route 1 in Virginia will be particularly hard-hit until these new processes become more streamlined.

What are your thoughts on these new security measures? Have you been caught up in any of the traffic delays? Tell us about it in the comments.